Terms & Conditions

You are renting for the dates specified on your rental agreement and agree to the following terms and conditions without exception: 

BOOKINGS Quotes are valid for 24 hours, unless and until the Property is either booked by a third party, or Pismo Property Management receives a deposit for the same dates (or part thereof) from any party. Where the Guest agrees by email, phone, fax or other written device to book the Property, Pismo Property Management will provide a booking confirmation to the Guest by email. The Guest must pay the requested deposit or payment as defined on the booking confirmation prior to confirmation of the booking. during that period, Pismo Property Management reserves the right to accept any booking for the Property from a third party, where said third party agrees to payment prior to receipt of payment from the Guest.

PETS:  Pets are not allowed in our rental properties unless property is designated “pet friendly”. 

NO SMOKING: SMOKING is NOT allowed in any of our rental properties.  

RECEIPTS: The Guest agrees that payment of the rental deposit amount to Pismo Property Management will signify their full acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Rental. The Guest further acknowledges that by payment of the final rental sum, the Guest has read and accepted these Terms of Conditions of Rental on this web site.

PAYMENT:  is due 30 days in advance of arrival.  Certified Funds / Master Card /Visa/ Money Orders/ are excepted. We do not except CASH.   

CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATION:  Guest authorizes Pismo Property Management to charge guest’s credit card account for rental fee, tax, cleaning, processing, and any damage expense exceeding damage waiver limits without further authorization from responsible party. Any rent payments made with credit card are charged a 3% credit card fee of the rental rate.

RENTAL PERIOD:  The guest agrees, and Pismo Property Management permits   the “Rental Period” to begin and end on the dates as shown on the reservation or rental agreement.

PROCESSING FEE:  A $65 processing fee will automatically be charged upon booking each reservation.

In the event that the Guest exercises their right to cancel, PPM will charge the following cancelation penalty.

             -Within 30 Days of Arrival -                             NO REFUND


NON-REFUNDABLE CLEANING FEE:  (not a deposit) charged for cleaning after departure.  

MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY:  If guest allows more people to stay the night in the property than the stated maximum occupancy, guest agrees to pay a $75.00 over-occupancy fee, and authorizes this fee to be charged to their credit card on file. 


CHECK-IN/CHECK-OUT:  Check-in time is 4:00 PM.  Check-out time is 11:00 AM. 

Late check-outs are not allowed without advance permission from PPM, and if granted, are subject to additional fees. One add’l night’s rent will be charged automatically for unapproved late check-outs. Guest agrees to their credit card being charged for this expense without further authorization. 

KEYS AND GARAGE/GATE OPENERS: Keys will only be released to the responsible party unless advanced arrangements have been made with PPM. Keys and remotes are picked up at our office and returned to office at time of departure. AFTER HOURS KEY PICK-UP ARE AVAILABLE WITH APPOINTMENT ONLY. KEYS AND REMOTES WILL BE GIVEN TO YOU THE DAY OF ARRIVAL. WE NEED PHOTO ID AND SIGNED AGREEMENTS BEFORE KEYS ARE HANDED OVER. If keys are not returned to our office at check-out, you authorize a PPM to charge your credit card the fees stated below . Guest acknowledges receipt of two sets of keys and accepts responsibility for additional keys issued to guest or his guests.


If you are become locked out of your rental after office hours, a $40 charge will be deducted from your deposit.

Charges for lost door keys, $75 fee, lost garage/gate remotes $100.00, lost pool key, $150. Lost mail keys may be subject to charges from the United States Postal Service.

NOISE:  Please be aware and respectful to the neighbors around you. They could be full-time residents and on a different work/sleep schedule than yourselves who are vacationing.  You are required to follow all noise ordinances.  Failure to do so could result in an early departure without refund.  If the Rental Agent is called out to handle a situation at your rental property due to noise or misconduct at your rental property, you agree that your credit card will be charged a $250 fee without further authorization.

NO SMOKING: SMOKING is NOT allowed in any of our rental properties.  Guest authorizes a $500.00 smoking fee being charged to your credit card immediately upon discovery of smoking in the property, PLUS entire cost to remedy smoke odor and/or other damage.

EMERGENCY CALLS:  Guest agrees that guest shall pay for Pismo Property Management employee time required responding to an after business hours, non-emergency issue or if Pismo Property Management is called out for a guest-caused issue of any kind.  Rate charged to guest is $60.00 per hour per man, one hour minimum. Pismo Property Management solely determines whether issue was emergency, non-emergency or guest caused.

CABLE/SATELLITE:  Any additional cable/satellite programming (i.e. “pay per view”) available in your cabin/condo is NOT for guest use.  Guest is responsible for ALL long distance calls and/or additional television programming appearing on the owner’s bill during their stay plus a $50 service fee.

LINENS/PAPER GOODS:   All furnished properties have fully stocked kitchens with all the basic cookware, plates, silverware, glasses, etc.  Linens, towels, hand soap, laundry soap, dish soap, toilet paper and paper towels (enough for 3 - 4 nights) are provided. If you are staying longer than 3 nights, you might want to bring extra.  There are several stores near by as well if you need to purchase more. 

EQUIPMENT/APPLIANCES:  Each property is individually owned and furnished.  Every effort is made to keep televisions, DVD players, coffee pots, washer, dryers, etc. in good working order; however, Pismo Property Management does not guarantee that they will work properly during your stay.  If a particular appliance, utensil, etc., is important to you, we suggest you bring it with you. 

PROPERTY FOR SALE:  If the condo is for sale or goes on the market after you book, it may be shown during your stay.  Every effort will be made to protect your privacy.  If the condo sells prior to your arrival or becomes uninhabitable, this agreement becomes void.  In that event, Pismo Property Management will do everything possible to relocate you, but cannot guarantee it.

LOST OR MISSING ITEMS:  Pismo Property Management is not responsible for any items left behind after your stay.  If you would like Pismo Property Management to mail left items, you will pay the cost of the shipping plus $25.00 fee.


 PETS:  Pets are not allowed in our rental properties unless property is designated “pet friendly”.  If evidence of a pet is found on your rental property, guest authorizes a $500.00 fine being charged to the credit card on file immediately.  Guest is responsible for and will pay all costs necessary, as determined by PPM, to remove scent, hair and all other pet related issues from property. If you bring your pet to a “pet friendly” property, you agree to keep your pet under control and within the boundaries of your rental property at all times. You are responsible for any and all damage, odor, stains, etc to your rental property and the property of others. You authorize PPM to charge all expenses for repairs caused by your pet to your credit card without further authorization.  

1.  The pet owner is fully responsible for the pet and its actions.

2.  No pet shall be left unattended unless in a proper enclosure and adequate water etc shall be supplied.

3.  The pet owner understands that any pet causing a nuisance to anyone will be subject to eviction with no refund of payments for the unused portion of their stay.

4.  All pet “mess” will be removed by the owner and disposed of in a proper fashion as it occurs and especially on vacation the premises. Any mess not removed will incur a $100 clean up fee. No pet mess to be left in garbage on day of departure.

5.  Pets are not allowed on any furniture or beds nor will the pet be allowed access to any of the properties bedrooms.

6.  The pet owner will be solely responsible for any stains / damage or odors caused by the pet.

7.  The pet owner shall be solely responsible for excessive hair removal.

8.  The owner shall ensure that the pet is tick / flea and worm treated before arrival

AGREEMENT TO TERMS AND CONDITIONS:  Prices, terms and amenities are subject to change without notification at Pismo Property Management's discretion. Pismo Property Management appreciates your business and thanks you in advance for your cooperation in complying with these terms and conditions and all other rules, laws and ordinances. I have read, understand and agree to the above terms without exception:


1.        Bedding - Remove  sheets & pillow cases - put by washing machine

2.        Towels - put all used towels into the shower or tub

3.        Empty all trash and recycle inside house to exterior cans.

4.        Empty the refrigerator and freezer

5.        Dishes- clear sink of all dishes load dish washer and turn on the dishwasher

6.        Turn Thermostat to OFF position

7.        Turn OFF all lights and ceiling fans

8.        Be sure all remotes for TV / DVD / Cable are on table

9.        Close and lock all doors, windows & blinds

10.    Do a final walk through and make sure that you have all your belongings.

               Check behind doors and under beds.


Pismo Property Management  

1390 Price Street, Pismo Beach 
(805) 773-0119


*Please make sure that all Keys and Remotes are returned to the office. For after hours
~ Drop all keys and remotes in over night drop box next to the door~


Thank you for choosing Pismo Property Management (Pismo4Rent) for your vacation rental.